Simple present tense examples

She loves to play basketball. ”

    أبعد عن الشعب المصري يـ تركي آل الشيخ
  1. Does he go to school? It usually rains every day here
  2. I love studying books
  3. Ice melts under the sun
  4. There are many uses of tense
  5. Look at these examples
  6. When building a sentence in English, a verb is always required
  7. She writes an e-mail to her best friend
  8. Sell I _____ the Holy Quran daily
  9. Jim doesn’t work on Fridays
  10. 10 Examples of Simple Present Tense Sentences
  11. Doctors look after patients in hospitals
  12. The match starts at 9 o’clock
  13. — “She doesn’t work on important projects
  14. Info